How to plan a day out with the kids that isn’t spoiled by ‘little accidents’

Holidays and day trips with small kids can be exhausting even under the best of circumstances. Doing them with a 2.5 year old who’s just started potty training and a 5 year old who struggles with constipation is an even bigger challenge. Never has knowing where you’ll find the next public toilet or changing room been so important! Bethan Grant, who works in ERIC’s fundraising team, should know. She gives us the lowdown on how to plan a day out with the kids that isn’t spoiled by little accidents.

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The Potty Training Diaries Part 4: Breaking the cycle of stool withholding

ERIC’s Helpline Advisor Alina knows a thing or two about the problems that can develop when children start learning to wee and poo on the potty. She has successfully toilet trained her two boys and has helped many parents train their children. Armed with so much knowledge meant she was well prepared for the eventualities that potty training her two year old Nella would throw at her. In the final chapter of the Potty Training Diaries Alina explains how she managed to get Nella to poo on the potty and offers some handy advice for mums and dads for surpassing this milestone in their child’s life.

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Continence problems in children on the autism spectrum

ERIC’s helpline advisor Alina Lynden reports on what she learned at a one-day training session about continence problems in children on the autism spectrum run by the National Autistic Society.

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Celebrating 10 years of volunteering with ERIC

This week we’re in full celebration mode at ERIC. We’re celebrating because it’s Small Charity Week and today is Volunteering Day. For a small charity like ERIC, volunteers make a huge difference to our work. We’re celebrating a special volunteer today.  Continue reading

What’s it like being a trustee of a small charity?

We asked ERIC, The Children’s Bowel and Bladder Charity’s Chair of Trustees, Lorna Montgomery, for her insight of what it’s like being a trustee of a small charity.

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The Potty Training Diaries Part 3: Poo, where are you?

ERIC’s helpline advisor Alina is four weeks into potty training her daughter Nella. In Part 3 of the potty training diaries, we find out how Alina and Nella tackle stool withholding. Read part 2 of the potty diaries here.

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Top tricks for getting kids to drink water

Drinking water is important for good bowel and bladder health, and for tackling daytime wetting, nighttime wetting and constipation, but it can be hard to get kids to drink enough (they should consume 6-8 glasses of water or water-based fluid every day).

We asked our Facebook followers what tricks they you use to help ensure their children stay hydrated. These are their tried and tested top tricks.

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The Hidden Secrets in Your Wee

What colour is your wee? Have you checked it recently? Wee is a great indicator of what’s happening inside our bodies, so it’s important to keep an eye on its colour. Claire French, a school nurse from Ipswich, gives us the low down on what wee can tell us about our health.

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Isobel’s story: A successful battle with wet nights

To raise awareness of bedwetting and its treatment in the lead up to World Bedwetting Day (Tuesday 24th May), we’re sharing the story of mum and daughter Jackie and Isobel* and their successful battle with wet nights.

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The Potty Training Diaries Part 2: Using the potty away from home

ERIC’s helpline advisor Alina has three children – two boys and a girl. Her youngest, Nella, has just started learning to use the potty. In Part 2 of the potty training diaries, Alina shares how Nella’s getting on with using the potty away from home. Read part 1 of the potty diaries here.

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